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New yarn…

1 Nov

The cotton has arrived for my friends baby blanket.
I went for Rico essentials soft merino (Aran) in six colours.

From top left-
Light blue (32)
Turquoise (36)
Royal (39)
Light yellow (63)
Vanilla (62)
Natural (60)

I’m thinking of going for a ripple as I want to finish it quickly, and I don’t really have time to learn a new pattern!

Baby blanket planning

30 Oct

Today I’ve been ordering the yarn for a baby blanket for my lovely friend who is due next February, very exciting! I’ve gone for neutrals, yellows and blues as she’s having a boy but she doesn’t want to be too blue!

Once again, I’ve ordered from the Wool Warehouse as it’s such good value and local. I’m very excited for its arrival so I can get started…

Crocheted baby hat and mittens

10 Feb

During the snow days a couple of weeks ago, I had ago at making a little baby hat and a pair of mittens for the granddaughter of my teaching assistant.
Here they are….


The pattern for the hat is from the Alli crafts blog. I just made it without the ear flaps, it’s a very useful pattern as it gives a range of different sizes.

I then used a pattern for the mittens from this book (page 26) however I did make a few changes. I didn’t want them to be too big as they were for a newborn so I missed a couple of rows towards the end of the pattern and I only put one row of picot trim. Also, I didn’t chain the length of wool for the bow, I just threaded a length through.


Finally, the little flower on the hat is from attic24, I think the teeny tiny flower pattern and I used two strands (the white and pink).


I’m very pleased with how this little set turned out.

Ripple blanket update

26 Jan



It’s coming along very nicely, I’m loving the colours so far.

The wool warehouse!

20 Jan


I think this picture says it all! As you can imagine, I was VERY excited!
I was so impressed by this shop which is in Leamington Spa, the prices are very reasonable as it’s run on a warehouse scale yet they have made a gorgeous cosy corner where you can have a sit down and look through patterns, surrounded by beautiful crocheted and knitted blankets.
Also, the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, one lovely lady even gave me a free knitting lesson.



Another nice touch are these little gingham baskets used for shopping. I can see myself spending a lot of time here!

Crochet keyhole scarf pattern

20 Jan

This week, I was asked if I would be able to make a scarf for a nearly one year old. He is the grandson of a good friend of mine and lives in Canada (where scarves are needed!)
She specifically wanted a scarf which would have a hole in it so that one end could be threaded through the other, he does not like anything too high around his chin.
After a bit of Internet searching, I found this was called a keyhole scarf but patterns were few and far between so I decided to make it up and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

This is a pretty loose pattern, in the sense that you can then adapt it for different sizes of child/adult and different yarn. I used a very chunky wool mix yarn (Wendy pampas mega chunky) and a size 10mm hook. To make it longer, you just need to make a longer foundation chain and then continue to the desired width. My finished scarf was approximately 90cm long and I used around 90g of wool.

Begin by making your starting chain (mine was 80 +1 for turning).
The first row was worked in uk double crochet, one in each chain, until you reach the end of your row.
Turn your work and chain 2, as your next row will be worked in uk half treble stitches.
Row 2- Work a half treble stitch in each of the dc stitches of the previous row.
(If you are using a thinner yarn, you will obviously need to work more rows than I did so just keep going with this pattern of DC and then HTR stitch until you reach the middle point of your scarf’s finished width).
Row 3- chain 1and then work the third row in DC stitch. At the end of this row I fastened off the grey yarn and attached my next colour, white. This was the halfway point for my scarf (I wanted it to be about 8cm wide).
Row 4- chain 1 and then DC along the length of the scarf until you reach the point where you want your scarf to thread through itself. This took a bit of working out by eye, stopping and folding it over itself to work out where I wanted to put the keyhole so that the neck opening would be the right size.
When you have decided where you want your keyhole, chain stitches from the previous stitch to create a gap in your row. I chained 10 and had to do a bit of guess work to decide how long the gap needed to be in order to fit the ends of the scarf through it. When you have made your keyhole, join back into your previous row and continue DC until the end of this row.
Row 5- chain 2 (you are now working HTR again) and work along the row until you reach the chained keyhole gap. In each of the chains, I worked a DC stitch rather than HTR as this meat that I had stitches that were the same height all the way along the row. After you have DC in the chains, go back to HTR stitches until you reach the end of the row.
Row 6- chain 1 and DC along to the end of the row. This is where I finished and fastened off the white yarn. Finally, weave in the ends and you’re done!

I hope this makes sense and isn’t too tricky to adapt for different sizes/yarns. All you need to remember is to make your keyhole at the halfway point in the width of your scarf and put a bit of time into ting about where you want your hole to be so that you get an even length on either side.





The ripple blanket has begun…

13 Jan

It’s been a very good weekend, I’ve discovered a new (and fairly local) wool WAREHOUSE and I’ve started my next blanket. The wool shop was amazing, I’ll tell you more about that soon.
I’ve chosen nine colours, quite a different mix for me but I’m very happy with them. I’m also using a new wool to me, it’s RICO essentials merino Aran. The range of colours are gorgeous and it’s very soft and warm.



I’m following attic24’s ripple pattern again and it’s so simple and therapeutic, it is lovely to have this big project on the go now.

I’m on my fourth row so far, I’m loving the combination of pink and green.


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