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A glimpse of spring

10 Mar

Last weekend, we went to Leamington for lunch and a walk around the park to celebrate our 9 year anniversary. There was some beautiful sunshine, finally a hint at springtime…





Birthday fun!

21 Feb

My birthday, in 28 pictures (can you guess how old I am??)

Firstly, it was lovely to be in work for my birthday for a change, it’s usually in half term. I got some sweet cards and gifts, two impromptu outbursts of happy birthday from my class and their lovely company when I opened my presents during lunchtime.

Lovely cards, from friends and family…




After work, we visited our friend and her gorgeous girls and I was treated to more birthday singing and a homemade cake…

…and gorgeous gifts…


We spent the evening with two more of my favourite people, who brought gorgeous gifts…



I was spoilt by them…





We do enjoy a bit of bubble-wrap 😉


The next day was spent with family, it is my sister’s birthday five days before mine so celebrations are usually combined…


Customary birthday treats…


Beautiful gifts from my family…





On Sunday, I went to a fantastic cinema in Birmingham (the electric) with my lovely friend, to watch Brief Encounter. This brought about some (rather unnecessary) black and white instagramming!



I do adore this film, a great end to my birthday weekend!

A few other snapshots…







This week…

3 Feb

Here are a few things I’ve enjoyed this week…

The Killers video for Miss Atomic Bomb.

This sweet little animation from Disney (complete with a classically disneyfied lady)


Finally, I showed this short Pixar animation at school as part of our circle time talk about bullying. It got such a laugh at the end and is quite powerful in its own way.


The wool warehouse!

20 Jan


I think this picture says it all! As you can imagine, I was VERY excited!
I was so impressed by this shop which is in Leamington Spa, the prices are very reasonable as it’s run on a warehouse scale yet they have made a gorgeous cosy corner where you can have a sit down and look through patterns, surrounded by beautiful crocheted and knitted blankets.
Also, the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, one lovely lady even gave me a free knitting lesson.



Another nice touch are these little gingham baskets used for shopping. I can see myself spending a lot of time here!

My Killers top 5…

30 Oct

I’m so excited! Only one day left to go until the Killers 🙂

So, I have been thinking about my favourite songs which has been tricky as it changes on a daily basis but here’s how it stands at the moment…

Number 5- This River is Wild 

From Sam’s Town, which is possibly my favourite album.

Number 4-Here with Me

This is a very new favourite of mine, from the newly released Battleborn album. I had a very nice surprise in school last week when I heard this song being played by my headteacher, I’ve only ever heard it on the album as it’s not a single. I love singing along to it when I’m driving, you don’t get many power ballads these days 🙂

As my friend Tine pointed out, the lyrics do make you realise how much times (and technology) has changed,  ‘don’t want your picture on my cell-phone’ when I grew up listening to Boyzone singing about faxes (the classic ‘love me for a reason’!)

Number 3- My List

The most powerful chorus…

‘Don’t give the ghost up just clench your fist,
You should have known by now you were on my list’

Number 2- Spaceman

A weird and wonderful song (and video).

My favourite lyrics…

‘Well now I’m back at home,

and I’m looking forward to this life I live’

At number 1 we have… Bones!

I adore this song, there is something about the beat, the lyrics and the horns! I’ve chosen this video as you get to see ALL the instruments within the song, of which there is an amazing array.

So there it is, my (current) top 5 favourite songs by the Killers. Another song which I love and is deserving of a mention, though not strictly speaking a Killers song, is their cover of Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits. The Sawdust album is a must for any fan, as it contains many covers and re-arranged songs.

Let the countdown begin…

Dahl day!

14 Sep

This week, I celebrated Roald Dahl day by starting to read one of his books which I have never read before. I have the set of 15 children’s books by Dahl which were given to me by my dad a few years ago and I love them! I especially enjoy reading them to children in school, they never fail to amuse and amaze.


I’m reading ‘Boy, Tales from Childhood’…

“An autobiography is a book a person writes about his own life and it is usually full of all sorts of boring details. This is not an autobiography”

It is in fact jam-packed full of funny, frightening, true stories about his life. One of the most painful being that of his father who, when he was 14, fell from a roof and broke his left arm just below the elbow. After waiting for half an hour, a drunken doctor arrived and mistook his broken elbow for a dislocated shoulder and proceeded to pull on the arm (with the help of two other men). This resulted in Dahl’s fathers arm being amputated at the elbow and therefore growing up with only the use of his right hand. He invented a fork/knife combination, a fork with a sharpened edge so he could cut his food, and kept this in a leather case which he carried wherever he went.

I do enjoy reading Dahl, it always puts a smile on my face and I feel you’re never to old for it!

Although, I am starting to think that ‘Roald Dahl day’ is one of those days that only teachers know about? (I hope not)



So inventive… Fictitious Dishes

22 Aug

I came across this on Rachel Khoo’s blog and I think it’s such a clever idea. Fictional characters represented through a meal…I particularly like Alice in Wonderland.

This is the work of graphic designer Dinah Fried, take a look here.

I also love these book bags, also designed by Dinah Fried.



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