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10 Jun


I’ve been following Ryan’s tragic story, and his brave parents, on Instagram and on his mothers blog Baby Boy Bakery. It is so unbelievably sad. 

Reading his mothers thoughts, I am reminded how precious life is, especially the tiny lives we create. 

These days with my Mae can be long and tiring, as with any baby, and it can be easy to forget to enjoy it. Ryan’s story is one I will always remember; it is a reminder to always enjoy those tiny moments with my Mae.



9 weeks old

23 Jan

Mae Lynne is 9 weeks old today. She is cuter and lovelier every day.




At 9 weeks, Mae likes to play on her mat, talk to her toys (particularly totoro) and watch everything that goes on around her.
Last night she slept for 5 and a half hours which is a record, but she’s a stubborn sleeper during the day 😉 unless she’s in someone’s arms, she’s pretty much awake…


She smiles, chuckles and frowns in her sleep, practising all her expressions and hopefully having sweet dreams.
Although she’s not keen on getting in her pram, once she’s in there and we’re moving she either falls asleep or gazes out of the little window. I think she will be quiet and wise, and enjoy sitting and taking it all in.


Yesterday, we used her library card (which we got at 4 weeks old) for the first time. I think there’ll be many more library trips in the future. It’s nice to think that she will go to the same little Victorian library that I visited as a child.


Happy 9 weeks Mae, you are so loved. Xxx

This time last week…

27 Nov

This time last week, I was sitting at home, watching nothing in particular on tv, and having not too painful contractions. I did not know then that just 9 and a half hours later I would have given birth to our little girl.
Tonight, I’m sitting at home, watching nothing in particular and feeding our beautiful little baby. She’s wearing a rather garish green sleepsuit which her daddy bought on an emergency “we haven’t got enough tiny 7lb baby clothes!” Trip to sainsburys.
It’s been a wonderful, tiring and challenging week but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m so lucky for our family and friends and especially Andy, who has looked after both of us so well.


Today, we ventured out of the house for the first time since coming home from hospital. It was lovely to get some sunlight and cool, fresh, winter air. I’m looking forward to lots of winter walks, me and my little one.


Coming along nicely…

6 Nov

This week, my first (official) week of maternity leave, I’ve been busy crocheting. Mainly the baby blanket for my friend but I’ve also started making some hats for our little one.
The blanket is nearly done and I’m just waiting for some more cotton to arrive to be able to finish the last few ripples and a white border.


The first hat I’ve made was using this simple pattern.
A cute little hat with a sweet scalloped edging. I think I will leave the flower out as the hat is so tiny, it would be overkill.


Next I think I’ll try this hat, made using a puff stitch, in white I think.

New yarn…

1 Nov

The cotton has arrived for my friends baby blanket.
I went for Rico essentials soft merino (Aran) in six colours.

From top left-
Light blue (32)
Turquoise (36)
Royal (39)
Light yellow (63)
Vanilla (62)
Natural (60)

I’m thinking of going for a ripple as I want to finish it quickly, and I don’t really have time to learn a new pattern!

Baby blanket planning

30 Oct

Today I’ve been ordering the yarn for a baby blanket for my lovely friend who is due next February, very exciting! I’ve gone for neutrals, yellows and blues as she’s having a boy but she doesn’t want to be too blue!

Once again, I’ve ordered from the Wool Warehouse as it’s such good value and local. I’m very excited for its arrival so I can get started…

Crocheted baby hat and mittens

10 Feb

During the snow days a couple of weeks ago, I had ago at making a little baby hat and a pair of mittens for the granddaughter of my teaching assistant.
Here they are….


The pattern for the hat is from the Alli crafts blog. I just made it without the ear flaps, it’s a very useful pattern as it gives a range of different sizes.

I then used a pattern for the mittens from this book (page 26) however I did make a few changes. I didn’t want them to be too big as they were for a newborn so I missed a couple of rows towards the end of the pattern and I only put one row of picot trim. Also, I didn’t chain the length of wool for the bow, I just threaded a length through.


Finally, the little flower on the hat is from attic24, I think the teeny tiny flower pattern and I used two strands (the white and pink).


I’m very pleased with how this little set turned out.

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