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25 Nov

I’m still, slowly but surely, working on my Christmas crocheted wreath and I hope to show you the finished item this week.
It has holly, red glass berries, teeny tiny flowers, bells…but it still needed something extra…mistletoe!
It wouldn’t be a Christmas wreath without it 🙂
I used this pattern (it’s written in US crochet terms so keep that it mind) and they came out very nicely!




Friday flowers

17 Nov

From my love, to make me feel better. They certainly did 🙂



Christmas crochet wreath

17 Nov

Last night, I made a start on my crocheted Christmas wreath.
I’m going to make the base in a dark red (style craft special DK in claret) and then make a selection of flowers, roses and holly leaves using my stash of wool. I’m also going to use the red glass beads as holly berries.
This sweet, little robin decoration is from Ikea’s Christmas shop.

I can’t wait to show you the finished wreath soon.




Chunky crocheted cowl

16 Nov

This week, despite an annoying virus, I have managed to finish something! It actually started life as something else however it was far too big for its original purpose so I turned it into an adult cowl half way through.
It’s a very simple, chunky cowl with a chunky flower attached, to prevent it looking like a neck brace 🙂
I crocheted it using a 10mm hook and very thick (and soft) cream wool (in Barley).
To begin with, I chained 44 and joined with a slip stitch.
The cowl is worked in a round, in half treble stitches (uk). Each new round starts by chaining 2, to make the first HTR. Then just continue around until you get the depth you want, mine is 10 rows of HTR stitches and one row of double crochet to tighten the top. Also, for the final two rows (10 & 11), I decreased two stitches which also made the top slightly tighter. Obviously, this is a matter of choice and you may prefer it looser.
I crocheted the flower using Lucy at attic24’s pattern and I used two strands together. One strand of the wool I used for the cowl itself and another of a very thin, blue alpaca wool which my sister gave me.
I hope you like it 🙂





(By the way, the wool is actually a lovely creamy, oatmeal colour- the light was VERY poor when I took these pictures!)

Star lights

10 Nov

As the nights are drawing in and the evenings are longer, I do love a few candles to brighten things up a little.
I’m very pleased with these lovely tin lanterns I bought this week, they are red painted enamel and have tea light holders inside.
They are quite festive but not so much so that they can only be used at Christmas and they cast a cute star pattern on the wall.




Autumn engagement party

5 Nov

Here are a couple of snaps from our engagement party. Also, I’m trying out mobile blogging so fingers crossed it works.




The cake bunting for this carrot cake was bought from a lovely Etsy seller, A Fete Beckons, and the autumnal, tissue paper bunting from another called Shelley. Shelley actually sent me a free string of bunting which helped to decorate both out downstairs rooms. We usually do Halloween decorations but thought we should be a little more grown up this year 😉

It was so lovely to celebrate with all our family and friends!


Crochet ‘Rosie Rabbit’ Ta Dah!

4 Nov

I’ve been waiting since summer to post this, I made it as a gift for my god-daughters 3rd birthday, which was this weekend.

Here she is, Rosie Rabbit.


I’m very pleased with how this turned out, the pattern was bought from Michelle at The Royal Sisters blog and it was very simple to make. The rabbit is made is separate parts, leaving long tails of wool to stitch them together once stuffed.

I made her using Stylecraft special DK wool in Pale Rose and then stitched the eyes and nose in black embroidery thread. I like how all these rabbits will look different because their eyes give such different characters.

It has a very cute little tail and rather large limbs 🙂




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